Sunday, June 14, 2009

to keep or not to keep?

trying to figure out what to do with this old apple ibook g3 clamshell laptop, is not an easy decision. for those of you who are familiar with this iconic computer, you know that not only are they truly a classic design, but they're on the verge of being considered a collector's item. especially the unique lime green color design.

i purchased this computer a year ago used on ebay, and from that point on, i upgraded the operating system, installed extra ram, added a wireless airport card and replaced the keyboard—all myself. so not only is it special to me since i worked on it from the beginning, the classic retro design is what keeps me from coming back.

however, when i sold it on ebay a month ago, the buyer chose to look at this computer, not as a classic, if you will, but something more intricate. hairy details aside, the buyer chose to send me the computer back for a full refund. upon receiving the computer yesterday afternoon, i immediately gave her a full refund. back to my dilemma once again. i am now debating on whether or not i should choose to keep it and enjoy its whimsical style and ease of use, or try and sell it for another go. what would you do?

now keep in mind, i am not a superstitious person, nor do i believe in karma, but a huge part of me is thinking the reason it arrived back on my doorstep was that maybe, just maybe, it was a sign it came back in my life once again. then of course, the other part of me is thinking $$$. although this computer looks pretty sharp by its outer casing and carrying handle alone, we must remember, at a whopping 366 mhz processor, this computer can't go much faster than my daughter's scooter. and that's with high speed internet.

regardless, i wanted to post a picture of my lime green baby for now, at least to mull it over for a while and see what I decide. ultimately, i know my decision will be the right one for me, but for now, it's at home, safe and sound sitting on our kitchen counter.

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