Saturday, October 31, 2009

england - everything i hoped and imagined, and more!

a few days ago, i returned from a two week long trip abroad to one of my much ancitipated countries, england. since i had never visited england before, i had always dreamed of visiting this beautiful country in hopes of discovering more history than i had imagined.

at first, i was nervous. mainly because even though it's an english speaking country, i knew i was in another country, and therefore i wanted to be as respectful as possible towards their customs and way of life. considering i had to learn a whole new way of currency (the £ vs. the $), and of course, driving on the left side of the road—which till this day, still added confusion and loss to my right side of the road driving perspective—but i still anticipated awe and enjoyment during my brief visit.

not only are the english very respectful and kind as a whole, i love listening to their eloquent accents compared to our american accents—which of course, all things relative, is what i'm used to here in the americas—but what i hadn't anticipated was that they thought i was the one with the accent. go figure!

all kidding aside, i stayed at a quaint hotel located in the city of brighton overlooking the sea. it was bliss all the way around. i frequently walked around in the evenings and soaked up the energy that filled this urban town and continued to enjoy the sights. on the weekend, i took the train from brighton to london and per usual, did the "cheesy" american tourist-thing. i had always dreamed of visiting buckingham palace, big ben, et al, so even though pictures cannot describe the beauty and detail in the ornate historical architecture surrounding the city of london, i took many pictures to capture my trip, nevertheless.


buckingham palace

gates to green park (across from buckingham palace)

big ben - house of parliament

tower of london

underground subway (the "tube")

going across the london bridge

view from the london eye (i believe we were at the top)

another view from inside the london eye

busy street!

lucky i caught one of these original red double-decker buses. they were recently retired and now you mainly see newer ones, so this was a rare treat!

and of course, last but not least – the apple store on oxford st.

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