Wednesday, August 4, 2010

bond, james bond

those of you who know me, know that i have an unusual love for anything and everything james bond. i own every single move on DVD—except for diamonds are forever (but i'm still on the hunt for that). so much, that i recently spent $$$ to change 4 of my character's names from my world of warcraft account to reflect any female or male character from the james bond series from its original big screen inception of dr. no in 1962. now all 6 of my active characters each have james bond-related names—kissysuzuki from you only live twice, rogermoore, camillé from quantum of solace, vesperlynd from casino royale, tiffanycase from diamonds are forever and of course, our favorite, høneyryder from dr. no.

i even have a series of james bond pop art designs i created as my personal tribute to the super-manly agent.

what is wrong with me, you ask? simple. i love james bond. i love what it represents. the retro-lifestyle of living as a secret agent and traveling all over the world fighting 'bad guys' is a fantasy i have always envisioned. will it ever come true? of course not. but it's fun to daydream about, isn't it?

fantasize about someone like daniel craig emerging from the water wearing nothing but tight, slim swimming trunks are to every girl's fantasy. so who wouldn't want to be his go-to gal? minus the typically dying at the end scenario, i think it's the perfect dream come true.

dashing off to europe on a moment's notice while in tow with my superhunk to protect me sounds so exhilarating, doesn't it? And when we head "home" after all of the traveling, we arrive to our mid-century modern home equipped with the latest technology and sportscars in the garage.

Ahh, if only life were this simple.

daniel craig as james bond 007

sean connery as james bond 007

george lazenby as james bond 007

roger moore as james bond 007

pierce brosnan as james bond 007

timothy dalton as james bond 007

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