Friday, September 17, 2010

black and white color

what, black and white color??? what does that mean? what it means is, i love creating black and white photos and then adding splashes of color here and there to 'spice' up the image. 

sometimes, having a black and white photo may seem dull, but with splashes of color juxtaposed with the black and white composition, it can really add life to any photograph.

i recently started experimenting with a few photos of my own so here they are. hope you like them!

i came across this cool 'sculpture' in front of an unidentified building in london

jubilee bridge in london

apple store in london 

i had the pleasure of seeing one of these retro double-decker buses in london, and 
since they have recently been 'retired,' it was a rare find

doubles champions - 2010

a loft and a pug

my kitchen

simple photo of lady bugs

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