Monday, July 13, 2009

a recent patio table(s) transformation

i recently made a somewhat simple transformation of my two patio tables to use as one. as always, i started a search at the beginning of the summer for a large patio table, only to be disappointed (or just couldn't afford). since our dining area is relatively small, i thought why not get a larger table for our large patio, something we could use throughout the summer and warmer months. we have 6 chairs, so a large table would have fit comfortably.

unfortunately, any decent outdoor table that I wanted, cost in excess of $700+. ouch! since that's not really something we can afford right now, i took our two smaller tables that we used on our patio and moved them up together to make one, longer larger table instead. the only downside was since they're both metal tables, they were both in pretty bad shape. one of them had a large area of rust on the top surface, while the other one was peeling pretty badly, making dinners quite a challenge.

after a trip to the hardware store this weekend, i bought some all-weather paint and varnish and voila! a new transformation on our patio. i only wish I would have taken before pictures along with the after, but by the time I thought about it, it was too late. it was a much more cost effective solution for our patio, than buying brand new. and of course, it's the green way to go, as well!

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