Wednesday, July 22, 2009

river in lodo (lower downtown) denver

a few weekends ago, we decided to head down to denver during the most coveted art festival in the northern colorado region—the cherry creek arts festival. it's an event i have enjoyed since moving to colorado in 1990 and try to get down to every year. although i missed it last year, i couldn't wait to head down this year in hopes of some much needed inspiration.

heading down, although it started out to be a very cloudy day, i knew reminiscent of colorado weather, that ultimately the sun would shine and the heat would be blazing once again.

in preparation for this long, hot event, i suggested to my daughter that she wear her swimsuit underneath her clothes so we can head down to the river in lodo and get a quick swim.

thankfully after enjoying a delicious lunch in cherry creek, we headed west to lodo for a quick dunk. as you can see, my daughter and my husband shown in the river cooling off (as much as one can cool off without completely submerging your head under water), it was a spectacular view and an enjoying day overall. and most importantly, it ended up being a refreshing, cool day.

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