Thursday, July 26, 2012

industrialize anything

even a boring lamp that you purchased from a furniture store. a lamp that was mass produced and will be displayed the same when you're visiting someone's home with the same lamp, can be altered to bring a new approach to a once dull design. 

now, this kind of lamp that i'm talking about—mine, for instance—is not exactly a popular style, per se, but this can probably work for any mainstream lamp as well, not just a modern one. it's whatever you choose and whatever you want to work with. either way, it's a unique twist to something simple and even characterless.

i've had these two identical lamps for several years now, and only came up with this idea a few months ago as i stared at them in hopes of replacing them, but one day as i was admiring these particular lamps, i was already contemplating a replacement of both. i wanted something different and i wanted it now! but how? money was tight and most floor lamp styles are expensive—well, at least the ones i wanted.

as i was watching my favorite design show, 9 by design (no longer in production on the bravo network) based on a couple with 7 children who live in NYC who routinely incorporate their design approach old—if not with recycled materials—with the new. a design technique i have adhered to for many years, so i thought it would be the perfect solution to a much needed change to my identical floor lamps—adding an inexpensive fix to my dilemma, by removing a few of the store-bought globes (if not all—depending on how your lamp is designed) and replacing with round bulbs or whatever you want instead. by replacing those boring overused white lightbulbs that are sold at your local grocery store or walmart, and are typically hidden in view, i knew by replacing these bulbs with clear ones instead, by purchasing the round circular ones added an even more industrial twist.

the style is different, and your own twist on a common floor lamp that is mass-produced elsewhere will create an unrivaled end result instead.

i love the final juxtaposition with my art and style of my loft, and of course, it works for me. it may not work with your design of floor lamp, but you can still change things up even with a different bulb, regardless if your lamp doesn't have a style of globe similar to my lamp that seems to work.

even though i wanted something a little more industrial, i still wanted to incorporate a little color to spice things up and also make it more unique to mimic the art and decor of my upstairs loft. as a result, i left a few globes of different colors on each lamp for a more accented style as opposed to a more plain method. not only does this add a unique flair to my lamp, it gives it an even more individual industrial look to give it that extra flair that it would need.

for my particular modern stye of lamp (shown above), with the funky personal bending of the "arms," i'm able to personalize it even more by bending them as shown, whereas each household that have purchased this exact lamp, would be unique, thus allowing me to parody the same idea to incorporate the industrial look, as well.

enjoy playing with your style whatever that may be and you can change things up in your home without spending a lot of money—if any—to embrace these changes.

be imaginative and innovative, and if you don't like it, then bring it back to its original design.

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