Thursday, July 19, 2012

my inner "tree"

ok, you're really gonna think i'm nuts here, but to be honest, i don't care. i need something unique and extremely different in my life, and what better way to do that is an innovative and imaginative christmas 'tree.' a ladder in lieu of a tree. let's just say, this past christmas was a challenging one. suffice it to say, i want to start fresh; start anew with the upcoming holiday.

although i am jewish, i have always incorporated a christmas tree in our home, but lighting a menorah has also become an annual ritual for my daughter and myself as well—she loves it, and loves to hold the shamash candle as she lights the candles each night. since my husband isn't jewish, every year since we have been married, we've also added a christmas tree to our home to constitute this tradition as well.

growing up, my father was catholic, so we all grew up celebrating both 'holidays' as a way to incorporate family time that will last a lifetime. it's something that was very dear to me, not because of the double round of gifts, but because it meant so much to my family to gather around and spend quality time with each other. i loved it, and i love it even more with my husband and my daughter.

because this past holiday season was a stressful one, i have decided to move forward with this holiday tradition and try something different. since i have been married, i left my menorah where it sits year-round—above the kitchen cabinets. 

until last year.

trust me, you will think i'm a lunatic with this new idea, but again, it's something i need to do within my heart and my soul in order to start fresh—a way to enjoy our family time together without the stress of money and instead, pure enjoyment, because let's face it, christmas trees have become extremely expensive over the years and what i have always believed, why bother? why would anyone spend so much money on a tree that will only be discarded 3 weeks later? i never understood this concept, especially since it's imperative that we buy a real one and not an artificial tree. while growing up, we always had an artificial one, and i always hated it.


i do, however, love the "twinkly" lights that permeate throughout my home, even decorated on our fireplace that typically aren't removed until february, or sometimes as long as march. i love them, and i love the bright glow that spread through the small square footage of our loft. it's what we've always done and most likely will always do.

that is one tradition that will never disappear.

in lieu of a traditional tree that has been in homes for decades, if not centuries, i give you, the christmas ladder! yes, i knew you'd think this idea was proposterus, but once you see the unique decor and the eclectic mix of lights and modern taste, i think you will approve. i assume if you're reading my blog, you will know that my taste is quite untraditional. 

so, what do you think? unique right? ok ok, i know you're laughing and i know you think i'm "out there," but like i said, i need to start fresh, and for me, this is the perfect start. i've discussed it (and showed pictures) with my family and thankfully they approve!

so here we go.

come december however, let's see if i still feel the same way, but i imagine i will still have the anticipation that i will be excited to execute—even my daughter tells me, "it's cool."

but i promise you this, once i decide to do it and decorate our home with lots and lots of "twinkly" lights, i will post pics here. at least so you can also think my christmas ladder will be 'cool.'

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