Monday, August 10, 2009

end of summer days

it's that time of year again. the end of summer.

in a way, i'm very sad. mostly because i have enjoyed the gorgeous weather we've had this summer and all the beautiful lush green landscape that continually surrounds us—thank you, mother nature, for bringing us a hefty supply of rain this year. then a part of me is excited for the cooler weather. don't get me wrong, i have loved walking around with my flip-flops everyday and not having to worry about wearing my winter coat, but then i do love the cold and the snow at the same time. which is why i moved to colorado in the first place—skiing. yup, i'm addicted. what can i say. but i have tennis to keep me busy during the summer months while i anxiously await opening day and the arduous annual fight of who will win the much coveted title of the first mountain to open for the year—arapahoe basin or loveland.

as usual, i'm going in a completely different direction than what i intended. to discuss our gorgeous day at our local city pool. it was glorious! not too hot, not too cool. perfect. what more can you ask from a summer's day as it comes to a close?

my daughter enjoyed splashing in the water and riding down the water slides as my husband and i looked on with admiration as we realize how fast she has grown these past short months.

for now, we'll just enjoy her as the active 9 year old girl that she is, because before long, she won't want to be seen with us.

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