Sunday, August 9, 2009

estes park, colorado

here i go again, blogging about colorado. i never intended this to be a blog about all things colorado, but these past few weeks, we really have been taking advantage of the exciting places and majestic views rampant throughout our beautiful state, that i had to share them with you.

although we went up last weekend, i wanted to touch on it now. my husband, kirk, my daughter, emma, and myself headed up to estes park last weekend for a day in the mountains. since estes park is only a 45 minute drive from our home, it was an easy trek incorporated with a gorgeous drive. and in this day and age of higher gas prices fueled with the poor economy, we didn't feel as though we were wasting money on a days drive up the 'hill.'

upon our arrival, per usual, the summers in estes park are very crowded with tourists alike. although the majority of the tourists seem to be from outside of the colorado area, there were many—like ourselves—within a close proximity wanting to enjoy the mountain air without a few hours drive west of i-70.

in addition to majestic mountains in the background, there wasn't a short supply of rivers flowing and rock formations throughout. it was simply sublime.

many photos were snapped, while we ate lunch at a delicious local pub, and walked around and shopped like the rest of the daily crowd. it was a nice day, coupled with breathtaking views.

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