Tuesday, August 18, 2009

pop art blast

as some of you may know, i am a graphic designer by trade and education, but during a recent unemployment 'stint' in 2007, i was forced to try and make some money decisions while being at home collecting my temporary unemployment checks.

i had tried since 2003 to work freelance design from home, and although i enjoyed it, it wasn't as lucrative as i had hoped—or enjoyable, for that matter. with graphic design, it's about what the client wants, not what the designer wants. one of my design professors from college always used to say—"as a designer, you create for others, but as an artist, you create for yourself." this definitely holds true in the world of graphic and web design.

what else could i do that would provide me the freedom of fine art mixed with computer illustration? the answer? pop art.

it's something i have always had a passion for, but never took to another level personally. until i was laid off in january 2007 from my part time design gig, thus forcing me to take another look at how i could make money while actively looking for another job elsewhere.

from then, i started selling my pop art on ebay which quickly became a profitable—albeit temporary—solution. as i dabbled and experimented on the computer, i quickly found that creating pop art via the computer was better suited using a vector program (i.e. adobe illustrator), not a raster program such as adobe photoshop, which seemed to be the common application for such a task. not only are the lines clean and crisp, but there are no resolution issues when using a vector program, as well. it was a perfect solution for me and for my customers.

here are a few samples of my work—and if you're wanting to purchase some of my pieces, go here. but please be patient, i haven't posted all of my designs to date, but i'm working on it—slowly but surely. if there's a design you're looking for, just check out my bonanzle booth, or contact me directly, and i'm happy to work with you on a custom or already created piece.

in memory of electric guitar guru - les paul 1915–2009 (©2008)

1960s andy warhol protegĂ© - edie sedgwick (©2008)

bob marley (©2008)

tabby cat (©2008)

1970s bmw (©2008)

1980s rubik's cube (©2009)

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