Saturday, August 8, 2009

pawn shop find

i recently started collecting stackable anniversary/eternity rings as a way to switch up my wedding ring ensemble. after going to many brick & mortar jewelry stores, i soon realized that these rings were way out of my price range. i tried the massive jewelry section on ebay, only to be overwhelmed again at the overpriced options.

as i was driving my daughter to school one day, i always notice the same reputable pawn shop along our route (if one can call a pawn shop reputable). i figured i'd give it a shot and go in there and see what they had. you always hear how people can find really good deals at a pawn shop, so why wouldn't this hold true for jewelry?

as i walked in, i immediately walked towards the jewelry counter. unbeknownst to me, i was surprised to see the massive amounts of diamond rings looking up at me waiting to be held, tried on and loved once again. as i perused the selection, my eyes continually gravitated towards this one white gold diamond anniversary band, sitting there in the case, looking a little worn and a little dull, but i knew the potential of this "diamond in the rough."

once i tried it on, i knew this was the ring for me. this ring needed to be brought back to life. after paying a mere $175 for what i thought for a ring maybe worth $400—i headed to my trusted jeweler and had him resize it and polish it up for me. i didn't inquire about an appraisal because i honestly didn't think it would be worth the effort to submit to my insurance company.

to my pleasant surprise, my jeweler informed me of its worth—he declared its value at a little over $1,000. naturally, i was shocked by this recent development as i didn't think i had gotten that great of a deal.

who would have thought that such a gorgeous ring purchased from a pawn shop could be worth so much more than i had originally paid? i was thrilled. so much that i now wear it with my pear shaped diamond engagement ring (originally from an estate) which gives it an elegant addition to my wedding combination.

take a look...

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