Friday, September 4, 2009

las vegas fun in the sun!

we just got back from a glorious week long vacation in las vegas last week. since it was a much needed vacation for our family, we enjoyed daily lounging (and drinking) at the pool. we stayed at the hard rock hotel, which is just slightly off the strip, and i must say, it was a perfect spot for a vacation.

we rarely dealt with the regular crowds that you occasionally encounter while walking up and down the strip, and believe me, the hotel was nothing short of perfection. the rooms were clean and large (which was a surprise), and the bed was so comfortable, it was a struggle for us to get out of bed every morning. we could have slept all day, but we didn't want to waste our vacation in our hotel room, so every day promptly at 10 a.m., we headed down to the pool. now keep in mind, there isn't just one pool for your lounging pleasure, but two.

these pools made you feel like you were at a tropical resort. the sand beach and cabanas scattered throughout was a visitor's delight. we enjoyed it immensely! oh, and the waitresses serving you cocktails by the pool made you feel as though you were a celebrity! the service was excellent.

since neither my husband or myself are gamblers, we preferred a smaller casino atmosphere which radiated the surrounding perimeter of the hotel as soon as you walked in the front door. we enjoyed the rock paraphernalia on display everywhere you walked—even retro photographs hung on the walls inside our room—it brought you back to the past each time you walked through the door.

overall, our vacation was relaxing and sublime and i highly recommend during your next visit to las vegas, to give the hard rock hotel a shot.

my husband, kirk, and our daughter, emma.

emma rinsing off the sand

emma and her new friends diving for "treasures"

at the "beach"

here she comes...

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