Saturday, September 5, 2009

tour de fat - new belgium brewery

every year, local mico-brewer, new belgium, hosts an exciting charitable event throughout the country—tour de fat. i don't know the specifics of this event, but i do know that every year bicyclists around the country ride tandum in this incredible celebratory event in a different city each month. for us this month, it was fort collins, colorado, where new belgium started. what a pleasant surprise to walk out the front door of our loft to see this amazing "parade" right in front of our building.

during this event, cyclists alike can dress up (or dress down) as anything or anyone they wish as they throughout the city on their two-wheeler, but for some, it may even be a 3 or 4 wheeler, depending on the contraption they have created for this lively event.

it's a wonderfully colorful event and knowing that thousands of cyclists are on the road simultaneously is an extreme notion considering in this day and age, where we have become even more reliant on our motor vehicles. it's a pleasant sight, indeed.

you gotta love this homemade "motorcycle" bike

lots of colorful costumes throughout

this guy has it made — sit back and enjoy the ride! that chuckie on the back of that bicycle?

pretty in pink???

now that's the idea...

got milk? (cheesy, i know)

what's the buzz all about?

is that a recumbant bicycle?

surf's up on this bicycle

you say tomato, i say tomato?

how does he get down off of that thing? or how did he climb up?

this was my favorite. army dudes hard at work.

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