Tuesday, September 29, 2009

release your inner barbie

do i mean barbie, as in THE most famous barbie doll? yup, that would be the one.

apparently this year marks barbie's 50th birthday. damn, she looks good for just turning 50! not only is this a celebratory event for the famous glamour doll, but jonathan adler of jonathan adler designs thinks so, too. he has designed a whole series revolving around everything barbie, which include gorgeous pink furniture, bright pink & black hand embroidered pillows and of course, it wouldn't be complete without a special edition jonathan adler barbie doll to go with this vivacious event. i love it!

imagine my surprise (and sheer pleasure) to see all things pink when i opened up my regular jonathan adler e-mail newsletter. all things pink to go along with his famous modern designs and lacquer accessories. if only i could convince my husband to decorate my bathroom in jonathan's bubble gum pink & black. for now, i can only admire from afar and appreciate jonathan's design sense and modern twist of a popular mid-century icon.

happy birthday, barbie! you look great!

if you're a barbie fan, you will love these glam designs by jonathan adler

new special edition jonathan adler barbie doll - $49.95

then your barbie can recline in this glam-or-ific accessories pack - $49.95

gorgeous bright pink lacquer accessories for your bathroom

check out these gorgeous large barbie plates - $98 set of four

retro barbie needlepoint coin purse - $38

love this funky barbie specs case - $38

or this must-have barbie lipstick case - $28

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