Sunday, September 20, 2009

my addiction to 'joe'

no, not a guy named joe, but my daily cup of 'joe.' yup, i'm talking about coffee. not just regular coffee mind you, but my daily, early morning cappuccino. that's what i'm addicted to.

i purchased a beautiful—and unfortunately expensive—amazing home consumer, semi-professional espresso machine by expobar. i love this machine. it makes me smile every morning as i walk upstairs and turn it on to heat up. i anxiously await for the red light to turn off, indicating it's ready to go. with eager anticipation, i grind my beans fresh every morning into the portafilter and anxiously await the bold smell of freshly ground espresso coffee.

now, keep in mind, i'm no expert barista by any means, but since i have recently become a cappuccino addict, i knew that i could save quite a bit of money by making my own cappuccino at home instead of spending over $4/day for a venti capp from my local starbucks. because of course, i just had to add a danish or apple fritter to my daily venti capp, which inevitably brought my daily cost to exceed $5/day instead. ugh!

not long after i purchased this beauty, it basically paid for itself just from the money i was saving from my daily spenditure at starbucks. so if anything, it was a purchase well justified.

it was either that or a new louis vuitton handbag. nahhh...definitely wouldn't satisfy me as much as my daily cappuccino. thank you very much!

not the best microfoam, but i am definitely learning (too many bubbles)

definitely on my way, but still a ways to go...

nothing beats freshly ground coffee beans in the morning

i only buy freshly roasted beans from my local roaster. they're the best!

not the best coffee grinder, but for now it'll do. i'm hoping to get a better one soon.

look at that crema....i'm in awe!

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