Friday, September 18, 2009

oh deer...

until last week, i worked in the town of boulder, colorado—only 45 miles south of fort collins—and even though boulder is not necessarily a place i would want to live (or can afford to live, for that matter), i enjoyed working there with the beautiful scenery everywhere you turn, especially with the breathtaking views of the flatirons just west of where i worked.

as i was driving from lunch one day, i came across a side road to avoid the construction on the main roads, so as i was driving down this side road, i looked ahead and saw this deer in somebody's front yard—on a busy road—i kept thinking to myself "that statue looks so realistic"—until of course, it moved.

i couldn't believe my eyes. a gorgeous deer outside in front of somebody's yard just standing there as if there weren't 50+ cars driving by at a continuous pace.

well, after seeing such a beautiful creature out in the open like that, i had to stop and snap some pictures. something like this is a rare treat—even in colorado.


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