Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the gumball machine

ok, we all know by now how much i love color incorporated into my home. but what i really love is adding fun and whimsical items, as well. items that most people wouldn't expect inside someone's home.

alas, the gumball machine.

it's an old iconic ware that you see in almost any retail outlet, but never in one's home. i have always believed that not only does a gumball machine add flare and color to your decor, but it adds a little bit of fun, as well. it can also act as a piggy bank for all of the candy or gum that must be paid with only 10¢. so for just a measely dime, you get a handful of gum or candy to enjoy.

another aspect of this colorful metal box is what a wonderful conversation starter it is. every time my daughter has one of her friends over for a playdate, inevitably they gravitate towards that gumball machine begging me for a dime (or two, or three...). at this point, it's not about the candy or the gum that's inside, but the whole concept of inserting the dime and watching the candy flow. it's fun and the kids love it.

so if you ever want to add some simple color to your home and give it a little bit of fun at the same time, consider a gumball machine. it's cheap and simple, but can add a whole lot of fun. and it fills that perfect spot on my countertop, too.

i purchased mine on ebay about 4 years ago for only $20. you definitely can't beat that.