Monday, April 23, 2012

lego my....sculpture?

i realize it's been a long time since i posted in my blog, but i wanted to start out with a lego bang!

recently, i have gone through some changes in my life. unfortunately, these changes prevented me from getting my creative juices flowing, thus causing me to not work on my art. it's been a struggle, i wish i could even explain, but i can't. just trust that in the past 1.5 years, i haven't really created anything worthy of mention.

however, in the last month or so, i can feel my creative juices flowing again. flowing rapidly in my head and they're ready to come out—once again! i had hoped and wished that this day would come again, and i truly believe it has.

i have ideas in my head, so many that i'm ready to burst so i can execute them—put them to use; put them down for the world to see.

but where to start?

a long time ago, i saw this picture of a lego-designed bar and i immediately thought to myself, how cool and how imaginative! i've always loved legos and even bought tons of them for my daughter when she was a little girl, but being the active person that she is, they just didn't provide the interest for her that i had hoped. she was too busy running around the soccer field.

it's ok. i don't expect her to be like her mom and want to color the world! but instead, i wanted to create something along those lines like this bar. it was the coolest thing i had ever seen. luckily, upon searching the internet, i found a pic of this exact bar created with nothing but legos.

as you can see, the color and dimensions that legos adds to this kitchen is beyond incredible. it would definitely make me want to sit down and have a drink—or two, or get the point. it creates an environment that no other kitchen bar could provide. at least in my opinion.

when i found this picture online, unfortunately the website was no longer active, therefore i cannot give proper credit to the artist/photographer of this amazing masterpiece. so please accept my apologies in advance. i only wanted to show it on my blog as a way to convey my thoughts and ideas.

today i woke up and decided i was going to do some more research. more research in the land of legos. not just legos as a toy, per se, but something that will allow me to take those little tiny colored plastic pieces which will enable me to turn into a masterpiece. something i can incorporate into my home (like the above kitchen bar) and enjoy it every single day. i love color and i love adding many dimensions of color within my home, so it's only natural that i would want to incorporate something similar to this lego sculpture within my home as well.

upon further research, i found a website with the most incredible lego idea—a lego built conference table. 

after finding all of these fun and innovative lego designs, i've come to the conclusion that although i have no idea what i will do with my lego creation that i have running around inside of my head, but the point is, i WILL find something to create and i will display it proudly here in my blog, just like i have with these pieces.

you can find the full story here:

if you want to see more lego sculptures, just google "lego sculptures" and you will find so many amazing works of art that you'll be shocked.