Monday, August 27, 2012

old to new

as i've mentioned before in prior posts, i love mixing old objects with new. i've always felt it adds such an eclectic mix throughout my loft and adds a unique flair that isn't seen anywhere else. it's my creative imagination, and my "design" overall.

this past weekend, i found a table for our dining room that was a perfect fit for our small space. i've always loved the look and feel of a quintessential 50's diner style chairs, tables and barstools, but unfortunately where i live, there aren't exactly a plethora of that style where i can mix and mingle this look. however, as i was browsing the for sale section of craigslist, i found this vintage 50's dining table that looked—as my husband labeled—as though we were eating cheeseburgers while being served by a beehived waitress named Flo. for a mere $40, i knew i had to at least go look at it in person.

when i arrived at the gentleman's house who was selling the table, it was covered in—what i call—a bunch of crap. including his TV set and computer. among the dark lighting throughout his small apartment, i knew right then and there that i had to have that table for our dining spot. it was exactly what i had hoped for.

the dimensions were perfect at a small 56" x 32" rectangle which included a rare leaf for such a diner-styled table, which would have fit perfectly for such a small space in our loft. perhaps it did come from an old diner that was appreciated many decades ago by patrons of a retro hangout, which only appealed to me even more.

even though he asked me to pick it up a few days later so he could prepare it for departure, i couldn't wait to arrive with my car ready to load for the trip to its new home. i wanted to leave with it right then and there, but instead, my patience won out and i was forced to wait two whole days.

as we were carrying the table outside to my car, i saw the many stains that permeated the tabletop as though paint had been spilled over several years of wear—but it still didn't discourage my purchase. i couldn't wait to get it home and enjoy our new table for our dining experience.

once my husband and i carried it upstairs, both he and my daughter showed nothing but distaste for the look and feel of the table—a table where we would spend many nights enjoying our dinner. 

or so i thought.

to say the least, i was disappointed with their unhappiness with something i had been so eager to share with my family. it still didn't prevent me from trying to convince them otherwise.

the next day, as i noticed from the sunlight shining throughout the upstairs area, the dark stains that showed its wear over time made me finally give in and reluctantly agree with them. not with the style, of course, but the stains on the tabletop which what i felt, took away from the vintage appeal but only showed dissatisfaction instead. 

while glancing at the table and the surroundings of my loft, the color red immediately sprung to mind. i felt by painting the top red with a gloss coat, would only complement the vintage and retro-diner style instead, thus covering the horrible dark stains.

i was on a mission!

after two coats of paint, i stood there and admired the completion of what looked like a brand new table. i knew this is what was needed to give love and gratefulness as if i purchased it brand new.

i was happy and now, as we continue to eat on our patio as we wind down from the summer months, i'm eager to christen our 'new' table with plentiful amounts of dinner enjoyment and conversation.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

courage. display. success.

today is a new day for me—i'm very excited because last night i posted the last of my paintings at a local hamburger joint in the city where i live. i know it may not seem much since it's just a local hamburger & hotdog restaurant, but for me, it's a matter of pride and self-worth. this is the first time that i have ever exhibited my paintings—or artwork for that matter—anywhere in a local setting. so yeah, it means a lot.

straight view of "pablo," abstract "crazy  mind," 
 & "francis francis espresso machine"

side view of restaurant and paintings

full view of restaurant as you walk in

"pablo," "crazy mind," "francis francis espresso machine,"
"harry potter," "pablo's bowl" & "pablo's bone"

"harry potter," "pablo's bowl," "pablo's bone" & "sting"


it's new for me and i have to admit, i'm a bit nervous. although these particular paintings are not for sale, i'm hoping with the advertising of my business cards beside my work, that someone will call me for that one ideal commission for that one perfect custom painting. but only time will tell.

when i was a senior in college, the art department gives their graduating seniors the opportunity (for extra credits prior to graduation) to host a senior exhibit. i, however, chose not to participate. i was too nervous and too insecure to get involved which ultimately could have turned into something so skittish and apprehensive, that i chose not to participate in fear of getting criticized and rejected. i had no idea how it would have turned out, so i didn't try. it's something i always regretted and wish i could have followed through with instead of running away from it.

do i regret it? absolutely. what did i have to lose? nothing but criticism from local professors and students. although i was a graphic design major, i always enjoyed painting as my "hobby." since i had never studied painting for a foundation course prior to my concentration, i was afraid my amateur status would come to fruition thus causing a public embarrassment for me and my work. 

i was scared.

i've learned over the years, that unless you try something different, you won't be recognized for this divergent step in your career and/or your work. unfortunately, it took me 7 years since i graduated to realize this. although i am filled with regret for this decision, i now know in order to succeed, i have to give it the ole' "college try" or it won't take me any further in my career to feel confident and proud to be an artist. regardless of what the public may think of my work, it's a reflection of me and who i am when i paint and i love it. 

it gives me satisfaction.

when this local restaurant advertised for local artists to showcase their work, i immediately dove in and went for it. i decided to go for my 'oyster' as i had nothing to lose, or gain if i didn't at least try. now i know, as i gaze at my paintings from afar upon walking into the restaurant that i'm excited and i'm proud of myself for going for it. because again, what did i have to lose? nothing, nothing at all.

perhaps this is the start of my career as i know it. whether it be graphic design or as a freelance painter, i know it needed to be done. at least for me and my psyche. although there's the chance that my work may never go farther than these four walls at a local hamburger joint, i can still feel proud that my work was displayed publicly and proudly. 

i showed courage. i displayed my work, and i now have inner success. that says a lot.

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