Monday, July 8, 2013

she's a pinball wizard...

it's official—i bought my first pinball machine. i've been looking for over 2 years for that perfect machine to grace my home. i was picky, i admit, but i knew what i was looking for and i was determined to find it—even if it took me a few years, i was relentless.

what made my search even that much more difficult was the era and the price range i was wanting. i knew i wanted a pinball machine from the 1960's-70's era and of course, i needed it to be in the $300-500 price range. that was a challenge. as i perused craigslist, i knew given in the small town where i live that my options would be limited.

but i kept searching.

obviously, given the size and weight, i couldn't go much farther than an hour away from our home, knowing it'd be a risky drive back. at the time, i had no idea that transporting a pinball machine was a lot easier than i had envisioned. this made my quest that much easier. however, living in a loft with close quarters always presented a new challenge with my desire to own a pinball machine.

ya, i know, i'm crazy.

just like my endless search for those perfect gym lockers, i finally found the size/price that would be perfect—after a year and a half, craigslist had come through—as always. i found lockers that were in a shed of a farm sitting outdoors collecting dust and weathered all kinds of outdoor changes, only adding to the patina of the lockers. all for a low price of $60. needless to say, i was elated.

i had hoped to find a similar deal for my daunting quest of a pinball machine. 

until i found it! it was perfect. it was exactly what i was looking for. the seller advertised $500 but brought it down to $450. hey, $50 is $50—i'll take what i can get.

it was originally made in 1973 by the well known pinball machine designer/maker, gottlieb. although i had hoped and wanted to find that perfect design in addition to my price range and desired era, it was absolutely perfect. i knew once i would look at it, i would immediately fall in love and want it!

oh boy did i want it.

my husband had hoped deep down that i wouldn't want it for whatever reason, but boy was he wrong. i gave the seller $100 to hold it and i picked it up with a borrowed truck the following week. 

i admit, carrying it upstairs presented a whole new challenge, but it was worth it. 

1973 gottlieb Hot Shot pinball machine

thankfully, my search came back with this perfect vintage pinball machine. it's what i've been looking for and wanting for so long. i'm glad i didn't give up my search and i remained patient, because i knew, in the long run, my patience would pay off.

and this time, it did.

good things come to those who wait.

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