Tuesday, August 2, 2011

take those dusty trophies out of storage & display them proudly

recently i discovered while going through my storage unit, hidden in a plastic tupperware tub, were my old tennis trophies that i earned from the 90s. since in my opinion, trophies are hideously aesthetic, after every win, i just tucked them away and knew in my mind that i had won. never displayed them and never looked at them again.

what a waste, right?

until recently i thought, wow wouldn't it be cool to display those trophies again but this time, not with pride, but with fun colors? after seeing the soccer trophies my daughter was winning, and how she displayed them, although fun and inviting, they were still that brass color that i hated—still the same old trophies lined on every athlete's shelf, still would not look good decorated in my loft.

yeah, i'm that picky.

with my idea in tow, i headed to the nearest hardware store and purchased five bright colors of spray paint—chartreuse, fuschia pink, orange, sun yellow and of course, purple. i couldn't wait to get home and start my new project.

i was surprised at how well the paint stuck! i envisioned lots of drips and many coats of spray paint later, only to see how wrong i was. no dripping, and only two coats of paint. they turned out fabulous!

take a look!

Unfortunately, the pics don't do the bright colors justice.