Wednesday, October 27, 2010

look, up in the sky...

it's a bird. no, it's a plane. no, it's superman!

superman flying - pop art design by one girl creative 2010

yes, that famous superhero that we all know and love has brought back a renewed sense of nostalgia for me these past few weeks. don't know why exactly, just know that i love the whole superhero concept and anything related to it. because let's face it, in this day and age of technology du jour, i love the simplicity of a comic strip superhero.

many of us have not grown up with superman, et al, but we definitely are familiar with their origins and what they represent. show a picture of superman to a 4 year old boy, and i assure you, he'll just GET it. his reaction and excitement will not only surprise you, but enlighten you at the same time.

how can something so simple and fictitious create such happiness to a young, naive little boy? because as a little boys, they understand what it's like in all their dreams and their glory to become the perfect superhero (even if only in their mother's eyes at that time in their life).

even though i didn't grow up watching these superhero shows or cartoons, i can appreciate—now as an adult—what they represent to our culture. for me, they represent more than just a cartoon or a superhero, but within our pop culture of our own unique universe, something that is beyond innocent and timeless. i love what it represents, because personally, its meaning is an art, a timeless art. if you flip through the pages of any comic strip—old or new—you immediately get a sense of being thrown into a time machine and going elsewhere in your existence; an existence that only you can comprehend.

for me, it's about childhood and being born all over again. feeling that while your life starts anew, you can look forward without trepidation about the mundanes of everyday life, but your happy childhood instead.

don't grow up. enjoy your life.