Tuesday, December 11, 2012

vintage or bust

if you've been following my blog, you will know that i love vintage/pre-own objects—because i love what they encompass and their history; knowing there's a story there. although i may not know the history involved in these objects, it pleases me nonetheless. it's a part of the cycle of life as we continue with the future ahead of us. a desire that ensures our peace of mind. in lieu of buying new (for most objects, of course), we decide to continue with our search of that one single vintage piece in hopes of changing it to what pleases you the most.

as i fill my home mixing new with old, i always add a bright color which only transforms my surroundings. although color won't solve how i may feel at that moment, it makes me happy regardless. something about color encompassing my home gives me a sense of peace. whether it's short-lived or a part of who i am, i know that bright colors filling my life and my home will brighten my day. even if it's only temporary.

my latest obsession has become the busts of small statues. whether or not they're of famous people such as Beethoven, et al, i find the retro creation of a design aesthetic spray painted with my chosen color(s), describes my personality in a way that cannot be explained verbally, but visually instead. maybe in a therapeutic sort of way, it explains for that moment in time, how i feel and how i may look. a funky outlook of something unique that permeates my soul.

as i walked through my local Goodwill, i found these busts sitting lonely on the shelves for a low cost waiting to be loved. since the colors were of a dull patina, i couldn't wait to take them home and give them new life. with spray cans of bright colors sitting on the shelf inside my locker, i couldn't wait to get started on a new project i have been craving for some time now. i knew once i added color, it would bring them a look that may have been unacceptable during its time.

although i still rummage through local eco and second hand shops, i was pleased with the final outcome overall. as i continue my search for vintage busts—or anything of interest, for that matter—i realize that these searches can be beneficial for me, especially allowing me to recycle and create new life to such an old piece, or pieces. a feeling of satisfaction as i salvage another composition of an aesthetic work of 'art.'

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